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If you have been referred to COCP, we want you to know:

There are many reasons why kids might have sexual behavior problems. It is our job to help children, youth and their families figure out why this occurred and how to keep it from happening again. Most children and youth who finish treatment do not have future illegal sexual behavior (Caldwell, 2008; Chu & Thomas, 2010; Silovsky & Chaffin, 2006). Children and youth are different from adults. When children and youth have sexual behavior problems, it’s different than when adults commit sexual offenses. Making the wrong decisions about sexual behavior does not make you a bad person. It means you made a mistake that hurt other people. The best way you can make amends is to learn about your behavior so that you can make better choices and not hurt other people. Hurting other people with your sexual behavior is serious and you might be in a lot of trouble. However, being referred to COCP means that others are trying to help you.

  • Based on the 2016 evaluation of the COCP, less than 3% of youth who complete COCP treatment have a sexual offense after completion.

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